Introducing Certfied Intellidance® Teacher Ms. Alaina!

Hometown: Oliver, British Columbia, Canada

Where do you teach Intellidance®?

I teach Intellidance® at 3 locations. The Penticton Community Centre, Even Dance in Penticton and The Dance Studio In Oliver. 

For Ms. Alaina's full teaching schedule please visit:

What do you love about being a Certified Intellidance® Teacher?

Intellidance® gave me a philosophy, a curriculum and a passion for teaching dance to young children.

Music for Children

Why Intellidance®?

Parents looking into Mom and Baby or early childhood activities have several choices these days.  Swimming, gymnastics, social and free play groups, music, or babywearing dance programs abound, so why choose a program like Intellidance®?  The answer is simple: we are literally born to dance and sing!

Winter here in Winnipeg is cold and seems to go on forever.  So what’s a mom to do to keep her little one occupied?  Simple! Just crack open the cupboards and let them play!  No, I don’t necessarily mean the pots and pans or the Tupperware, although both are great options.  We like messy play over here, so of course we are in the pantry.  This really simple activity bought us a playdate, two happy babies, and about 45 minutes of play and exploration that didn’t require too much baby proofing.

We used a drop cloth (plastic tablecloth from the dollar store) to contain the mess, some construction paper, a can of sweetened condensed milk, and two drops of food colouring per container. 

Sweetened Condensed Milk Finger Paint