Giants and Elves: Dance Game for Preschoolers

Mon, 01/13/2014 - 3:41pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

Size is a favorite concept in our Intellidance Tots and Kids classes. I use various images to explore big and small movements with young dancers but one favorite dance game I come back to frequently is the Land of Giants and Elves. Using Eric Chappelle's song A Tale of Two Villages from Contrast and Contiuum: Music for Creative Dance Vol 1 (available on iTunes) I lead students through magical land where Giants and Elves dance together. When the soft, twinkley music plays we explore the small movement of elves. When the louder, heavy music plays we explore the big movement of giants. I provide cueing throughout to encourage the young dancer to try a variety of movements. 

This simple activity is a fun addition to early childhood creative dance or ballet classes. Teachers could easily be integrated into preschool and kindergarten classrooms. Parents could do this dance game at home as another way to stay active inside during the long winter months. 

Here is a video of me teaching this activity to an Intellidance Tots class at a Intellidance Instructor Certification