Musical Mondays: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!

Sun, 01/22/2012 - 6:36pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

If you live in a climate similar to my hometown, Edmonton Alberta, the winter season is looonnnngggg. It can feel even longer when the days are too cold for your little ones to go outside and play. Stir crazy doesn't even begin to describe it some days. Kids need to MOVE! Thank goodness for music!

Dance parties have been my saving grace the last few weeks when the temperatures have plumetted leaving us house bound far too often. While structured dance activities can provide lots of learning opportunities, sometimes the best memories and moments come from simply busting a move. Here are some songs that are sure to encourage you and your kids to shake your groove thing!

Song: Party Rock Anthem

Album/Artist: Chipwrecked/ Alivin and the Chipmunks

Where to Buy: iTunes

Why I love it: Young and old, something happens when the beats in this song start pumping. People MOVE! Or rather "Shake that" ;) If you have concerns about music being child appropriate (like I do) this version by the Chipmunks is sure to make you and your kids smile. My girls love to show me their break dance moves while I'm "shufflin'" beside them. The whole Chipwrecked album is full of fun covers of popular dance songs including Bad Romance, Hello (Malia's favorite), Club Can't Handle Me, and Whip My Hair (or as the Chippettes sing it "I whip my tail back and forth!"

Song: Shout!

Album/Artist: Radio Disney: Move it!/ The Isley Brothers

Where to Buy: iTunes

Why I love it: "You know you make me want to SHOUT!" Kick my heels up and SHOUT!" This classic rock and roll song is what dance parties are all about! Kick up your heels and just dance! Kids love to jump whenever the word Shout is sung! Twist, wiggle, and shake along! Don't be surprised if you're breatheless by the end of the song! 

Song: La Marmotteuse 

Album/ Artist: World Playground 2/ Barachois

Where to Buy: Putumayo

Why I love it: One of the first gross motor dance steps young children can master on their own is galloping. This French Canadian jig is sure to send your little ones galloping, skipping, jumping and clapping around your living room. Have a drum, rhythm sticks, or shakers? La Marmotteuse is a fabulous play along song!

Song: ABC

Artist: The Jackson 5

Why I love it: Everybody loves a little Jackson in their life. Even before he was the king of pop, Micheal know how to get people off thier feet. Your little ones will love the simple beat and singing the chorus "ABC! It's easy as 1,2 ,3!". This is a great compromise song for after you've listend to the Chipmunks a few (hundred) times ;)