T is for Turkey! Turkey Hand Crafts for Kids

Wed, 10/05/2011 - 9:49pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up this weekend and we have been having lots of fun getting ready to fill our bellies. Thanksgiving is an extra special holiday in our family because it is also me and my hubby's anniversary weekend.

Eight years ago this weekend, Chris and I, celebrated with just over 100 or so of our closest friends and family by getting married on a Canadian reality TV show called Exchanging Vows. We always have a good giggle when we re-watch the episode. But I digress....

Malia is really into dough play lately so this past Tuesday morning while Bria was in Kindergarten we whipped up Salt Dough to make into Hand Turkeys. 

What You Need:

Salt Dough Recipe:

  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup water

Hand Turkeys:

  • Salt Dough
  • Rolling pin
  • Baking Sheet
  • Tempera Paint
  • Brushes
  • Mod Podge

Salt Dough

Mix all three ingredients together with your hands. Add more water or flour as needed. As you can see Malia really enjoyed mixing the dough.

Making Hand Tukeys

Once our salt dough was ready Malia and I rolled them into balls and then flattened them into a pancake shape big enough for our hands.  Next, we simply pressed out hands firmly into the dough ( I had to help Malia a bit with this part). We also made little beaks and feet for our turkeys out of extra salt dough and poked a hole at the top (for hanging purposes later).  Finally, we put the hand prints on a cookie sheet and baked at 200F for 2 hours. 

Once Bria was home from school we started painting. We mixed paints again to make orange and brown to add to the red and yellow for our Turkey colours. 

Malia was very proud of her painting job! 

We decided to help our Turkeys stand out to paint around our hand imprint with blue paint. Bria decided that it made the Turkey look like he was in the sky "Like a happy turkey should be Mama!" Hmmmm hopefully she'll eat Grandma's roasted Turkey on Sunday ;)

After the paint had dried I gave each Hand Turkey a coat of mod podge to seal the paint and give it a glossy finish. Can I say again how much I LOVE mod podge? I think the final results look fantastic!

Turkey Hand Print Tranfers

Since we had left over paint, we decided to make more Hand Turkeys, but this time we did painted hand prints. I showed the girls how to paint their hand to look like a turkey and make a turkey hand print transfer. 

The girls though painting their hands was the best idea I have ever had and proceeded to spend the next hour making various hand turkeys and other animals from painting their hands. There is  no doubt in my mind they loved this so much because it involved getting messy. They truly love messy art. Good thing I am far from a neat freak!

Still not enough Turkeys for you? Check out my video below with a cute little Turkey poem you can teach your little ones to recite at Thanksgiving Dinner. It might even earn you an extra piece of pumpkin pie!

Happy Thanksgiving!