Parent Time (& Sanity) Saver Halloween Activity

Thu, 10/18/2012 - 7:58pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

As parents we all have those days. The days when when the  to-do list seems far too long to accomplish, especially with little ones underfoot. And even though my husband and I try to include our girls in the household chores to develop their sense of responsibility and team work, there are times when it is just much faster (and less stressful) to do things ourselves. But how to keep the girls entertained? 

This activity is super simple and the girls worked contently and quietly on it all afternoon. ALL afternoon! The added bonus was that it was relatively mess free, quick to set up and we had all the materials at home!

What you'll need:

  • Poster paper
  • Washable crayons or markers
  • Tape 
  • Black marker

I quietly set up the activity without the girls around. I rolled out my poster paper and drew simple Halloween themed shapes (stars, pumpkins, cats, bats, etc). Next I taped the poster paper to the wall in our hallway (you could also use sticky tac if you don't like putting tape on your walls) and set out our washable crayons. I recommend using washable markers or crayons in case some marks end up on your walls. Remember the key of this activity is to save you time. 

Then I called the girls and let them go to work.

The girls worked and worked on their banner all afternoon. They would take breaks to play other games for awhile (usually inspired by something they had thought of or talked about while colouring and drawing together) but kept coming back to add more and more to their masterpiece. It was wonderful to see them creating together (without fighting) and encouraging and complimenting each other on their work. Bria even made sure she wrote Malia's name on the banner so everyone would know they had completed it together. 

The girls made this banner over a week ago and it still hangs proudly in our hallway. This morning Bria asked if I could create another banner for them this weekend. Since I have baskets of laundry calling my name I am more than happy to oblige. 

Maybe instead of a Halloween banner we will do the DIY Frame Wall idea found on the Artful Parent. I tried it at the preschool art camp at my studio this summer and the kids loved it. Here is Malia with her self portrait.

Or maybe I will pull out some contact paper and let the girls create a no glue collage.

Either way I know I'll have a few uninterrupted hours to get to my to-do list and the girls will have fun!