Paper Plate Wreath: Simple Christmas Craft for Kids

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Paper Plate Wreath

To be honest, I wasn’t actually planning on sharing this craft.  I really didn’t think it was good enough or fun enough to warrant recommending it to others, but then we did it!  The little artist LOVED it!  Once I started seeing how much she was enjoying this activity, I quickly grabbed my camera so I would have photos to guide you through this project.

Paper Plate Wreath

She had so much fun creating her own little wreath, that she asked if she could also make one for her little brother! I know, she’s a sweetie!  So she ended up making 2: one for herself, and one for her brother, and requested that they be hung on each of their bedroom doors. 

What You Need

  • Paper plate
  • Christmas scrapbook paper (cut into strips)
  • Stickers and Foam stickers
  • String, rope, ribbon or twine
  • Glue stick

Paper Plate Wreath

Parent Prep

Cut a hole in the middle of the paper plate to make the wreath shape.  Cut various patterns and colours of scrapbook paper into strips (this could also be done by your child).

Observations on Child at Play  

Adeline chose to put the glue on the plate then add strips of paper. She continued to do this until her plate was filled to her satisfaction.

Paper Plate Wreath

Adeline insisted she was doing a pattern, but who am I to judge, it could have just been a very, very long pattern.  She is only 3, so she does not yet have a firm understanding on what is and is not a pattern. 4 and 5 year olds can easily be guided to making an AB, AAB, AABB or any other pattern they could imagine.  Another way to use math skills for this activity would be to simply count the supplies.  Adeline loves counting! One way to use counting is to just keep asking questions (How many yellow pieces of paper are there? How many are blue? Can you choose 6 star stickers to add to your wreath?)

Paper Plate Wreath

She then added some little star stickers and some Christmas foam stickers. I added some twine and we hung her creations on her and her brother’s bedroom doors.  

Paper Plate Wreath

If you would like to share photos of your child’s creation you can tag me on Instagram @themommyathome and use #intellidancecrafts on both Instagram and Facebook.

Kelly Milligan is a former early elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom.  She lives in Sunny, and often cold, Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and two children (students); her daughter Adeline (3), and son Anders (1).

You can find Kelly doing what she loves best: living life with her family and documenting it with photographs on instagram and twitter @themommyathome