Musical Mondays: Global Goodies

Mon, 03/12/2012 - 10:00pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

As a dance teacher my music collection is very eclectic. I am always on the hunt for different pieces that will inspire my dancers, young and old, to move their bodies in different ways. One of the reasons I love teaching the Fiesta Family program at J'Adore Dance is creating playlists that take our families on journeys to new exciting places, even if it is only in our imaginations!

World music has so many wonderful benefits for children. It peeks curiosity and gives us an opportunity to teach children about the diversity of cultures in our world. It trains young ears to hear differences in instrumentation, tonal, and rhythmic patterns. It reminds us that despite our differences music and movement are a global language we can all enjoy!

Song: Battu

Artist/Album: Angelique Kidjo/ African Playground

Where to Buy: J'Adore Dance/ Putumayo Kids

Why I love it: African music is all about the drumming, the beat, more specifically the rhythms of the people! Nothing gets people moving like this feel good song. Babies rock to the rhythm, toddlers bounce along to the beat and I have heard from many grandparents after class that this was their favourite song of the day. I love the spirit of the song as well. The english translation reads " We may have no money, we may have no food but we know our pride!"

Song: A Mover La Colita

Artist: La Sonora Diminita

Where to Buy: iTunes

Why I love it: A mover la colita is spanish for move your tail (a.k.a shake your bum)! This Latin song has a great cha cha rhythm that get feet moving to the beat. The strong, steady tempo is wonderful for helping young children find the beat, develop rhythmic pattern skills, and explore with percussion instruments. I also love to use it when we play limbo, trying different ways of moving our body parts or animal parts under and over the limbo stick to the beat. 

Song: Tik Tik Tak

Artist/Album: Glykeria/ World Playground

Where to Buy: J'Adore Dance/ iTunes/ Putumayo Kids

Why I love it: I have a secret love of folk dances. While not as glamorous and flashy as other genres of dance, folk and circle dances have been central parts of culture and celebrations for hundreds of years. Folk dances are simple enough for generations of families and communities to enjoy together. The Greek are renowned for their love of music, dance and celebration and Tik Tik Tak exemplifies this experience. Little ones love moving in and out of circle formations with simple foot patterns and hand clapping and shouting out " Tik Tik Tak!"