Surviving Spring Break 2012

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Last year during Spring Break I headed out to Las Vegas for a girls trip, leaving Chris at home with the girls. To ensure everyone survived Mama being gone for 4 days I put together a list of activities for Chris to try with the girls and shared it here. This year our whole family will be "surviving" Spring Break on the beaches of Cancun! I am so excited to spend our days playing in the sun, splashing in the waves, and just enjoying each other's company.

If we hadn't been traveling to Mexico, there are lots of fun projects and activities I would have loved to explore with the girls. I thought I'd share them with those of you who will be enjoying a "stay-cation" this year :)

Arts and Crafts

Homemade Microwave Puffy Paint via Mom's Crafty Space (Ages 3+): Part art, part science, LOTS of fun! I can't wait to give this project a try with the girls once we get home! 

DIY Frame Wallpaper for Kids via The Artful Parent (Ages 2+): The perfect quiet time activity or just when you need a few minutes to get dinner made, laundry folded, etc. I like this activity because a large age range can work on it together (siblings of different ages) and it is a project you can work on all week! The Artful Parent is my favorite early childhood art blog. Check it out!

Plastic Lid Monsters via Crafts by Amanda (Ages 3+): One of Malia's favorite songs is Googly Eyes (from the album Music Soup by Jen Gould). It tells the story of a monster who feels embarrassed by his Googly eyes until he meets a friend whose eyes are also googly! Not only does this craft give you a way to reuse plastic lids but your children will enjoy hours of playing with the little monsters they create.

"Stained Glass" Painting via Happy Hooligans (Ages 2+): If your kids are like mine they love to paint, so I am always looking for different techniques we can explore. Although I like to focus on process it is nice to have paintings that don't end up turning into preschool browns or grays (from over mixing colours). If you don't have left over painters tape you could also use masking tape. 

Messy Marbled Shaving Cream Painting via Intellidance: This is the MOST requested art activity in our house (I'm working on an Easter variation I'll post in a few weeks). Sure it's a little messy but the results are gorgeous! My frugal mom tip is to pick up shaving cream from the dollar store rather then the drug store. 

You can also check out my Arts and Crafts archives for even more ideas!

Family Fun

Mini Marshmellow Shooters (or Pom Pom Poppers) via Come Together Kids (Ages 4+): I have a feelng this could be a very popular activity for the dads (and kids too of course). Why not take this activity outside? Get out some sidewalk chalk and mark off how far each marshmellow travels!

Homemade Flubber via Whitfield's Home in the Country (Ages 3+): Most kids love slimy, messy fun! Using 4 simple ingredients you can explore chemistry at home (or outside if you are OCD about mess). Why not make garbage bag ponchos and let the kids have a flubber fight in the backyard. Caution: Flubber is not edible! Do not leave children under the age of 6 (or those who like to "taste test") unsupervised while playing with flubber. 

Cardboard Box Toys Via CraigslistDad (Ages 1+ with Adult help): Have a box? You have a toy! Check out how this Dad has created many different toys for all ages repurposing old cardboard boxes. 

Fun Foods

Kids Sushi via Apartment Therapy (Ages 2+): I LOVE sushi! My kids? Not so much. But I have a feeling I'd hear no complaints if I served these rice crispies based treats for dessert. 

Bunny Bait via Sing for you Supper (Ages 3+): Family movie night? Why not make this extra special popcorn treat!

Teddy Bear Cars via Kid's Spot (ages 3+): My girls think picnics are the best way to enjoy a meal. Give yours a teddy bear theme and whip up a batch of these for desert or snack. Serve with a big glass of milk to keep it somewhat nutritional ;)

Get Moving!

Bubble Wrap Hopscotch via Pinterest (ages 3+): I loved bubble wrap as a kid. I remember one Christmas when I was 5 someone in our family got a gift that was packed to the nines with bubble wrap. My brother and I spent hours jumping, dancing, and squishing to our hearts content. Children working jumping skills will find this variation of hopscotch even more enticing!

Simple Active Indoor Games via Tots to Teens Nutrition (Ages 3+): Being active doesn't need to be complicated! Keep it simple and you'll not only foster a love of physical activity in your kids but keep your sanity as well ;)

Daily Dance Parties via Intellidance (ages 1+): Kids move to music! Crank up the tunes and watch your little ones bust a move! Older kids needing more of a challenge? Check out my many dance activities to keep them moving to the beat!

Have a fantastic Spring Break! I'd love to hear how these you enjoyed any of these activities :)