Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Wed, 04/04/2012 - 6:10pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

This year we traded Easter arts and crafts time for a Spring Break trip to Cancun. Although there were a bunch of projects I wanted to try with the girls, our trip was a very worthy trade. I'll post a photo recap of our trip soon! Here's a sneak peek ;)

Without having the time to go out and get supplies I needed a way to decorate eggs with things we already had around the house. I also needed something quick and simple, as my work schedule is a bit heavier over the next few months. My girls have loved shaving cream painting since we tried it last year so I always have an extra can of shaving cream and food coloring on hand. I figured we could use the same process to colour our eggs! 

After Chris had blown out 6 eggs for us (a task he dreads every Easter but willing does for his girls- aren't we lucky?) we sat down with to get to work with two trays of shaving cream and 4 different colors of food coloring (red, blue, green, and yellow). 

I randomly dropped food colouring over the shaving cream for the girls and then let them begin to swirl the colours. Hint: Don't over mix of you'll send up with a pinky gray colour. 

Next the girls rolled their eggs into the shaving cream/food colouring mixture. Then we carefully placed them on paper towel to let the food colouring set. The whole process only took 10 minutes from start to finish. Ok, Chris would disagree. If you included the time it took him to blow out the eggs it was more like 40 minutes. See! He really will do pretty much anything for his girls ;)

While we waited for the eggs to set we decided it would be a shame to waste the remaining shaving cream/food colouring mixture. I cut out some white paper in the shape of eggs and the girls made marbled paper egg cards to give to friends and family this weekend. Two projects with the prep time of one! Perfect!

After the eggs had sat for about 30 minutes I carefully wiped away the shaving cream with paper towel. Two things I noticed. First, the colors are not nearly are bright as they are when you do this activity with paper. However, the pastel results were very beautiful for Easter. Second, the green food coloring did not stick to the eggs at all, and only one egg took to the yellow. I am not sure if this was because we had more blue and red on the eggs or if these dyes just don't work as well when coloring eggs.  Either way, the girls and I were pleased with the results. 

We put our eggs in a basket as a centrepiece on our table. We also included two pottery bunnies the girls painted while we were in Cancun!  You could select various pottery animals (at different price points) and paint them on the beach. That night an artist would add more traditional detail and black outlines to your piece and finished it with a gloss. The girls love their Mexican Easter Bunnies!

Looking for other egg decorating ideas? Check out our Egg-tastic Easter Eggs from last year! How are you decorating your eggs this year?