Musical Mondays- Kid's Songs Adults Love Too!

Sun, 06/26/2011 - 10:10pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

I think I know every word to every Raffi and Sharon, Lois, and Bram song. Seriously... Every. Single. ONE!  And although I have many fond memories of listening to these songs with my girls and throughout my own childhood, sometimes Mama needs music, that well, is more for Mama! I'm sure you can agree, there is only so much shaking sillies out and skinna-merinky-dinky-dink even the most saintly parent can take. So here are a few of my compromise songs. These songs still get the A+ rating for being for the kids, but secretly I might love them more!

Song: The Rainbow Connection

Artist: Sarah McLachlan  

Where to buy it: iTunes

Why I Love it: Rainbow Connection is my favorite childhood song. I have fond memories of my Dad putting on my Muppets Movie record so I could listen to it over and over again. He even learned to play it on the guitar so I could sing along. For my wedding, I surprised my Dad during the Father/Daughter dance by playing Sarah's version. My Dad cried tears of joy while we danced to this beautiful, lullaby inspired, version of the original. A perfect song for naptime, bedtime, or snuggles.

Song: La la la la Lemons

Artist: Barenaked Ladies

Where to buy it: iTunes

Why I Love it: Remember "If I had a Million Dollars"? Who didn't know all the words to this song at the peak of it's popularity? The witty banter and humor that made A Million Dollars so popular is back in Ed and Steve's song about the Letter L! La la la la Lemons has an almost Sesame Street feel with it's word play, or as Ed explains in the song "lovely lilting words" like lollipop. lamp post, and laughter! A great song for a giggle and a perfect way to introduce the letter L to pre-readers!

Song: The Littlest Birds

Artist: The Be Good Tanyas

Where to buy it: iTunes

Why I Love it: This song makes me want to sit in the backyard and sip lemonade, hang laundry on a line, and run through a sprinkler. Ok well maybe not  the laundry part, but you get the idea. There is something so relaxing and sunny about this song, it is like a summer day for the ears. With it's folky sound and optimistic vibe it is guaranteed to make you feel good!

Song: The Dog Days Are Over

Artist: Florence and the Machine

Where to buy it: iTunes

Why I Love it: Ok this song might break the rules of a kid's song adults love, it is more of an adult song that kids love! But when my kids (or I) are grumpy this song always cheers us up! This song just makes us all want to run, jump, and thrash around for a few minutes and when you have two high energy little girls... well let's just say music like this can be a sanity saver! My oldest loves this song because of the contrasting fast and slow tempo throughout. I love that although it is a song with the word Dog in the title it is not about BINGO! 

What are your favorite compromise songs? I'd love to add them to my playlist!