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Out of Sight Out of Mind: The Development of Object Permanence

Wed, 08/10/2011 - 5:10pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

I am excited to welcome Liesa McKay to our blog! Liesa works as the studio manager at J'Adore Dance as well as an instructor in many of our programs. Liesa has a degree in Neural Psychology. Her background has been very helpful in the development of our Intellidance Babies classes at the studio. Liesa will be the co-author of our book "Baby Brain Play" which we hope to have available for sale next Spring! Thank you, Liesa, for bringing your expertise and writing to Intellidance!


We’ve all heard the expression, “Out of sight, out of mind”, but what does it really mean? As adults, when an object is “out of sight”, we know that it still exists, even though we can’t see it, or touch it, or hear it. The same cannot be said however, for babies. For the first few months of their lives, when an object is “out of sight”, in their minds, it ceases to exist!

Knee Bounce Rhymes: Pace Goes the Lady

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For this poem sit your baby on your lap facing you holding their hands or around their waist. 

Pace Goes the Lady!

Pace goes the lady, the lady, the lady!

(small knee bounces)

Pace goes the lady!


(lean baby backwards)

Canter goes the gentleman, the gentleman, the gentleman!

(bigger knee bounces)

Canter goes the gentleman!


(lean baby backwards)

Gallop goes the horseman, the horseman, the horseman!

(biggest knee bounces)

Gallop goes the horseman!

And falls into a ditch!

(lean baby all the way back to laying down)

Knee Bounce Rhymes: Popcorn Popcorn!

Thu, 07/14/2011 - 8:42am -- Jessica Baudin-...

Knee bounce rhymes are a fun way to continue developing the vestibular system and your baby’s sense of balance and core strength. For younger babies, with limited neck strength, lay them across your thighs and make bouncing movements smaller. For older babies with greater neck strength sit them on your lap, holding onto their sides or hands, bouncing as much as they enjoy.

Painting for Babies! Finger Paints or Condiments

Thu, 03/17/2011 - 9:28am -- Jessica Baudin-...

This week for my Intellidance Babies class at the studio I decided to do a new activity we've never done before. I have a fabulous group of moms who are completely engaged and enthusiastic so I knew they would be the perfect group to try baby finger painting with. The babies in our class range from 4 months- 12 months so I wasn't sure what to expect, meaning I have crossing my fingers I wouldn't end up with moms, babies and a studio covered in paint. Or worse yet very unhappy babies who ate the paint or were not enjoying the process. But the results blew me away and we were left with a group of very proud mommies, great art pieces, and babies who were enthralled with this new experience. 

Tummy Time Tips

Wed, 03/09/2011 - 9:18am -- Jessica Baudin-...

Last week I read this article:  Lack of 'tummy time' causes developmental delays in children. The article describes the prevalence of "Bucket Babies", babies who are spending too much time in containers such as car seats or swings and are not getting enough tummy time. While the health sector does encourage parents to engage in tummy time there is often a lack of explanation why this is so important long term. Tummy time develops coordination and refines fine motor control for activities such as holding a pencil/writing, using scissors, tying shoes, using a zipper or catching a ball.

Baby Brain Play: 8 activities for brain and body development

Mon, 02/21/2011 - 11:00pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

This version of the Brain Play™ can be used with babies as young as 6 weeks up to 18 months. These activities are based on research in early brain development and inspiration from other movement educators such as Anne Green Gilbert's BrainDance, and Beverly Stokes' Amazing Babies, and the joy I saw that these activities brought my girls from the time they were born. These activities are designed to foster your baby's body awareness, assist with early brain development, and strengthen the caregiver-baby emotional connection. Brain Play™ can take as little as 5 minutes to complete or take your time repeating favourite sections or adding movements concepts for a longer more varied experience.

From C to S: How to Nurture your Baby's Spine Development

Tue, 02/15/2011 - 7:42am -- Jessica Baudin-...

“Stand up straight!” We have all heard this at some point in our lives. And while the intention of encouraging proper spinal alignment is good, our spines are actually not straight, nor should they ever be to properly balance us through day-to-day activity and to support our muscles and organs. A properly developed spine is actually shaped like an elongated S. The first year of life and the movement experiences you provide your baby are key to the proper spinal development.

The Primary Curve: C shape

Have some Fun while you Change that Bum!

Tue, 02/08/2011 - 8:56am -- Jessica Baudin-...

“Yippeee! It’s time to change your bum again!” Not something we usually exclaim the 6-12 times a day our babies on average need to be changed. However diaper changes can be an excellent time to interact and play. Close proximity gives you the opportunity to nurture your baby’s visual development. Changing diapers usually means removing layers of clothing, so  it is another optimal time to engage in skin to skin contact to foster emotional bonding.

Face to Face

When changing your baby on his back you are closely interacting face to face. Whether raised on change table or laying on the ground with you sitting beside him, close proximity allows your baby to observe his most favorite plaything, You!

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