Intellidance® Instructor Certification with Jessica, June 2014

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Intellidance Babies

Do you love to dance, sing and play? Is your background in childhood development or education? Are you seeking a fulfilling career that allows you to build a successful business, while meeting your personal and family needs? Are you currently an early childhood professional looking to add more movement and music to your current program? 

Becoming a Certified Intellidance® Instructor could be the solution you have been looking for!

2014 Training with Intellidance®

Jessica Baudin-Griffin

In-person training will be offered at Intellidance® headquarters (J'Adore Dance Studio) in Edmonton, Alberta, June 21-25 2014, with creator Jessica Baudin-Griffin. Training days will run from 9am-4pm daily. 

The cost to attend the 5 days of Instructor Certification is $1000.00. This does not include food, accomodatation, or travel costs which will be the responsibility of the certifying instructor. 

Upon successful completion of training, instructors will be certified to teach the following programs:

  • Intellidance® Babies (3-11 months)
  • Intellidance® Tykes (12-24 months)
  • Intellidance® Tots (2-4 years)
  • Intellidance® Kids (3-5 years, unparented)

Teacher Tips: Transition Activities for Young Children

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Transition activities are key to a successful dance class or early childhood program. Not only will they help you move from one activity to another seamlessly, transition activities can be your most powerful classroom management tool as they keep the momentum of the class moving forward and ensure that young children remain focused and engaged. Remember, idle time opens the door for distractions and off task behaviors.

Clean Up:

Clean up time can be very difficult for some young children. They may not want to give up the prop or toy they have been exploring which can cause distress. By establishing a positive routine, clean up time becomes a fun activity within itself.

During clean up time try to sing the song below until all props/toys have been put away. Some children can be very enthusiastic and want to clean up all the props leaving others without any which can lead to hurt feelings. Be sure to indicate how many of each item you want each child to clean up before singing the song. For example, “Can all my dancing friends pick up one hula-hoop from our obstacle course? That way we all get a turn!”  By giving the tots and kids control over the situation you are empowering them.

Invitation to Play with Snow

Sat, 12/14/2013 - 11:42am -- Jessica Baudin-...

Here in Edmonton there’s enough snow right now, so I thought it would be a good idea to add it to some of our playtime.  And what kid doesn’t love to play with snow, in the house!

I created this invitation like so many others.  I set out supplies and snow in a thoughtful way and just sat back and enjoyed watching my child explore, learn and play!  If you are not familiar with what an “Invitation to Play” is, pop over to my Halloween Invitation post here, where I take some time to talk about it.  

Intellidance Blog Voted #1 Education Blog in Canada for 2013!

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This past Monday I was awoken by a this tweet:

I'll admit at first I had no idea what Stephanie (who happens to be a client at my studio J’Adore Dance) was referring to. I had won something related to my blog?!?

Upon further investigation I learned the Intellidance Blog had been voted the #1 Education Blog for the 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards!


Name Dances: Creating with a Movement Alphabet

Wed, 04/24/2013 - 3:24pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

Providing children with a well-rounded dance education is more than just teaching steps. An important part of any dance education is learning how to create. Student choreography provides children ownership and self-expression over their work. When working with younger students providing a structure and simple choreographic devices can give them the support they need to successfully create their own piece while allowing them the freedom to make their work unique and reflective of their own movement personality. 

One activity my 6-7 year old Creative Jazz Ballet students at J'Adore Dance have been enjoying immensely is creating Name Dances using a movement alphabet. 

The War on Fame: Teaching our Children to value Kindness

Fri, 03/09/2012 - 9:58am -- Jessica Baudin-...

When my girls were babies I would rock them in my arms and tell them "You are a smart girl. You are a kind girl. You are LOVED!" I hoped my gentle words of affirmation would mold them into the strong women. But I'm learning there are many other loud voices in my daughters' ears daily "You NEED to be rich! You NEED to be famous!  You NEED to be better then you are!"  

My gentle words need to be louder. And so do yours.

For 50 years the Department of Psychology at the University of California analyzed the top two tween TV shows in the U.S. once a decade, from 1967 through 2007, to determine how our society ranked the following values (image from The Rise of Fame: A Historical Context (Yalda T. Uhls, Patricia M. Greenfield):

Knee Bounce Rhymes: Developing your Baby's vestibular system

Wed, 01/18/2012 - 9:25pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

The vestibular system first begins to develop while your baby is in the womb and continues throughout her first 5 years of life. The vestibular system helps your baby analyze where she is in space as well as the relations between her body parts and movements in relation to one another. This is important for developing body awareness and balance as well as processing sensory information.  

Knee bounce rhymes provide a fun way for you to support your baby's developing vestibular system, encourage language development, and bonding. Thank you Baby Eleanor for playing with me today!

IntelliMoving! Understanding and supporting your baby's creeping, crawling and walking development

Sun, 11/27/2011 - 9:18am -- Jessica Baudin-...

Between 6 months to 12 months your baby’s understanding of the world and how she experiences it changes dramatically. Rather then relying on you to move her through her surroundings, your baby will explore and master different locomotor movements that allow her to travel through space. This newfound independence will lead to many new discoveries about her body and the world around her.  

Daily tummy time together on the floor ensures your baby will develop the core and spinal strength needed to successfully master locomotor movements.  Creeping, crawling and toddling require your baby to use her increasing strength and coordination through body and brain integration as both sides of the body move in unison. You and your baby will both be amazed at what she can achieve when you move and explore together.

Right on Sight: Infant Vision Development

Wed, 11/23/2011 - 9:09pm -- Jessica Baudin-...

What can my Baby See?

Your baby is born with the capacity to see distances from her nose to as far as the horizon. However she still lacks the muscle control and brain development to properly focus on objects farther then an arm’s length away.  Over the next 8 months her retina and brain with learn to work together to improve her ability to focus at varying distances and see detail.

 Your baby will reflexively be drawn to high contrast colors and patterns, like geographic black and white patterns. However, if bold retro prints do not suite your taste, fear not! Dr. Russell D. Hamer of the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute states that:

By about 2 months of age your baby is capable of perceiving almost all of the subtle shadings that make our visual world so rich, textured and interesting: shadings in clouds, shadows that are unique to your face; even see a white teddy bear on a white couch!(What Can My Baby See? 1990)

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