Understanding Infant Reflexes

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Infant reflexes

Infant reflexes are reflex actions that originate for the central nervous system. These appear at birth and gradually disappear as your baby moves through normal development. 

At birth you may notice the following infant reflexes.

o   Oral rooting reflex: This reflex is related to feeding. From birth a baby will turn its head towards anything that strokes its mouth or cheek. This reflex disappears at around 4 months when this movement becomes voluntary.

A Million Little Pieces Make a Mother

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Making my mortgage payments...Finishing a project at school/work by the impending deadline... My relationship with my husband...Equality...My environmental footprint...The results on reality show "x", "y", or "z"....

These are the things that I worried about before having kids. Not that I don't still worry about some of these things, and different things. I'll admit, I probably still sweat the small stuff a little too much. 

But if you asked me at any given moment what I worry about the most, what's always on my mind to some degree, what can keep me up at night, the answer would be parenting.

I naively thought that once my girls were out of the baby stage I would worry less. What could possibly be more daunting than:

The Clean Up Song

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In this video I share my Clean Up song. I use this song in my dance programs but it can also be used at home with your toddlers/preschoolers. Using a song can make clean up time a more positive, fun experience  for everyone!

Nurturing your child's Emotional Intelligence

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Intelligence quotient (IQ) and academic achievement are often focused upon indicators of potential success. However, they are not the only factors that determine how successful and happy a person will be in the future. Our ability to get along with others and maneuver through social situations can have just as much influence on our success. As parents, we can support our children’s future potential by developing their emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence can be defined as the ability to identify, assess and control the emotions of oneself, of others and of groups. It has been greatly debated if and how emotional intelligence can be measured like IQ, however it is generally agreed upon that people with greater EI are more successful.

Have you filled a bucket today?

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Last month I blogged about kindness, or the lack thereof in our general society. Working with young children daily has led me to believe that kids are naturally kind and open hearted. At least in the beginning. But much of our world is not kind and unfortunately, more often then not, the nice guy does finish last. 

I don't believe it has to be like this. 

I believe if we actively teach our children about kindness we can help nurture their natural inclination towards benevolence. But the idea of kindness and its importance to others and ourselves can be a very complicated concept to explain to young children. Which is why I am in love with the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud.

The War on Fame: Teaching our Children to value Kindness

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When my girls were babies I would rock them in my arms and tell them "You are a smart girl. You are a kind girl. You are LOVED!" I hoped my gentle words of affirmation would mold them into the strong women. But I'm learning there are many other loud voices in my daughters' ears daily "You NEED to be rich! You NEED to be famous!  You NEED to be better then you are!"  

My gentle words need to be louder. And so do yours.

For 50 years the Department of Psychology at the University of California analyzed the top two tween TV shows in the U.S. once a decade, from 1967 through 2007, to determine how our society ranked the following values (image from The Rise of Fame: A Historical Context (Yalda T. Uhls, Patricia M. Greenfield):

Snowy Day Pictures: A lesson in textures

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When we bought our new house last spring one of the biggest selling features was the large living room window that looks out onto a beautiful green space (a very rare luxury in the very urban, center of my city). As the seasons change our family has a beautiful view of the evolving landscape around us. 

Lat week while the girls and I were at the library, Bria pointed out artwork on the walls from local elementary schools. One of the walls was covered in pictures of trees in the winter. Bria observed that the trees looked like the trees in our window. We decided we would try and recreate the project at home that weekend. 

The supplies you'll need are very simple:

Spin Painting: Process-based preschool art

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Tuesday mornings have become Preschool Art Time in our house. With Bria at Kindergarten, I have the opportunity to focus our art projects on Malia's age and interests. At age 3 Malia loves to paint! Unlike any other medium we have explored, painting holds Malia's attention for an extended period of time. At this age I appreciate any activity that she will explore longer then it takes me to set it up. 

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