Music for Children's Dance Classes

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Music plays a key role in dance education. Young dancers need the opportunity to develop listening skills, rhythm awareness and musicality in order to dance with true expression and artistry. Often finding music that fits teaching goals and students taste can be a challenging and lengthy process for dance educators. Parents may also find it difficult to find music to play at home that is suitable for young ears. Here are some of our music suggestions for ballet, jazz and creative dance for young children. 

Contrast and Continuum: Music for Creative Dance

Sensory Activities for Children Ages 0-2

Thu, 01/24/2013 - 10:56pm -- Mel Gibb

Babies are born prepared to experience their world around them. Our babies can hear their mothers’ hearts beating, their fathers’ voices, or the music on the radio. After being born, they mouth, chew, and nibble on objects as there are more nerve-ending in their mouth than any other place on their body. Toddlers learn about their foods by mashing, pouring, or squishing it through their fingers, which support their understanding of texture. They intensely look at highly contrasting colours in a painting or book. By using their senses, our little ones are familiarizing themselves with their world and comforting themselves. All of this comes naturally to them!

Our children’s brains develop because of these sensory experiences. Therefore, we want to support them by providing them with opportunities to activity use their senses. Below are a number of ways you can encourage your baby's/toddler's sensory development.

Play Eclectic Music

I like to think we listen to an eclectic range of music in our home. But, I was recently surprised when Eleanor went nuts rocking out to “Cut Me Some Slack,” performed by Paul McCartney and Nirvana at the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy benefit. Now, we’ve started listening to more alternative music.

Bake/Cook with your Baby

Since I’m at home with Eleanor all day, I spend a lot of my time cooking with her. We turn many meals into an experience where I allow her to feel, smell and taste the ingredients.

The Clean Up Song

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In this video I share my Clean Up song. I use this song in my dance programs but it can also be used at home with your toddlers/preschoolers. Using a song can make clean up time a more positive, fun experience  for everyone!

Surviving Spring Break 2012

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Last year during Spring Break I headed out to Las Vegas for a girls trip, leaving Chris at home with the girls. To ensure everyone survived Mama being gone for 4 days I put together a list of activities for Chris to try with the girls and shared it here. This year our whole family will be "surviving" Spring Break on the beaches of Cancun! I am so excited to spend our days playing in the sun, splashing in the waves, and just enjoying each other's company.

If we hadn't been traveling to Mexico, there are lots of fun projects and activities I would have loved to explore with the girls. I thought I'd share them with those of you who will be enjoying a "stay-cation" this year :)

Musical Mondays: Global Goodies

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As a dance teacher my music collection is very eclectic. I am always on the hunt for different pieces that will inspire my dancers, young and old, to move their bodies in different ways. One of the reasons I love teaching the Fiesta Family program at J'Adore Dance is creating playlists that take our families on journeys to new exciting places, even if it is only in our imaginations!

World music has so many wonderful benefits for children. It peeks curiosity and gives us an opportunity to teach children about the diversity of cultures in our world. It trains young ears to hear differences in instrumentation, tonal, and rhythmic patterns. It reminds us that despite our differences music and movement are a global language we can all enjoy!

Song: Battu

Artist/Album: Angelique Kidjo/ African Playground

Musical Mondays: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!

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If you live in a climate similar to my hometown, Edmonton Alberta, the winter season is looonnnngggg. It can feel even longer when the days are too cold for your little ones to go outside and play. Stir crazy doesn't even begin to describe it some days. Kids need to MOVE! Thank goodness for music!

Dance parties have been my saving grace the last few weeks when the temperatures have plumetted leaving us house bound far too often. While structured dance activities can provide lots of learning opportunities, sometimes the best memories and moments come from simply busting a move. Here are some songs that are sure to encourage you and your kids to shake your groove thing!

Song: Party Rock Anthem

Album/Artist: Chipwrecked/ Alivin and the Chipmunks

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