Small Business: The Human Factor

Being a small business owner can be tough.... ok that was the understatement of the year, let me try again. Being a small business owner is the hardest thing I have ever done!

And that is on the good days, when your hours upon hours of planning and preparation come together, when your "systems" (that you spent years painstakingly developing) finally flow the way the business experts say they should, and when you don't get surprised by any annoyances, headaches or emergencies.

These days happen about as often as the full moon. Just regularly enough to keep you driven and committed to your vision. Often enough that you don't just give up...

Why I don't play with my kids ALL the time.

I had a friend ask me the other day, " How do you get anything done? You're always doing something with the girls! I don't know how you do it". I had to confess to her I don't play with the girls all the time. Because I am ever striving for the elusive work/family balance (I've decided it is more like a pendulum) I do try to plan a few special activities a week to try with the girls. But I need my quiet time to drink a chai, check my email, read facebook/blogs, or maybe even tackle a domestic task (maybe...please don't imagine my house as spotless, it is not). My girls spend large amounts of their day in free, unguided play. Especially on the weekends. Aren't weekends for everyone, even parents?

Oranges and Bananas

"Orange, Banana, Orange, Banana, Orange, Banana"  I  chant over and over. My toes pressing into the grain of hardwood floor as I curled my body into itself momentarily, then leaping upwards stretching my arms overhead, my body creating a perfect reverse C in the air. I am flying! I am experiencing pure joy! I am 4 years old. 

Fast forward 24 years...

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